Your mission is simple:

The right content,

to the right consumer,

at the right time & place,

across all channels.

And no more sobbing over the state of your website.

Yes, you can get there! I’m Isioma Daniel, and I reshape content and content processes to support business goals and customer needs.

 I have a special affinity for content governance, content research, and defining content visions.

I set strategic direction for website projects and your business, work directly with clients to solve the crunchiest content problems, and mentor and train staff and client content teams.

Plus, whatever else happens to come my way.

My approach focuses on aligning organisations, building project teams, and turning tough content problems - from tone of voice to content migrations to mobile - into realistic initiatives people are actually excited about.

I talk about content as story, tone and voice guidelines, strategic copywriting, and a unified content vision that serves customer and business goals.

I'm here for:

  • Companies who want to find a better way of creating, managing, and maintaining content across all channels

  • Founders, CEOs and entrepreneurs who want to tell their story with a voice and style that's friendly, personal and human

  • Developers and designers who want to build great, efficient, simple and user friendly sites for their customers  

I also run, and completed three half marathons last year - Paris, Berlin and Hackney (big up Hackney), and I’m currently training for the London Marathon 2016. You might have seen me - in dri-fit running at 5 am - crazy, I know.

Before the internet, I worked as a journalist for 5 years in my adopted hometown of Stavanger, Norway.

I now live in London, in constant search for the perfect flatmate free, cheap and quiet 1 bedroom rental in a gentrification free neighbourhood, with just one hipster-less coffeeshop  - basically I’m still searching.

It’s pronounced Ee-see-oma - as easy as Fiona, and it’s really not hard at all once you get into the vowelly swing of things. I’ll respond to Issy, but will bake you cupcakes forever if you make the effort.

Need just the facts? Visit my Linkedin.

Need my take on content? Read my blog.


Photographer: Seun Shote